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Creative Crafts Cafe: A Mosaic of Creativity & Connection

At the Creative Crafts Cafe, we've always believed that our art experience is

'cheaper than therapy...and a LOT more fun!"...which is so true... however it's also about forming beautiful connections...which happens to be also very therapeutic!

Our cozy haven for art enthusiasts has seen countless masterpieces take shape, but it's not just about the beautiful art that's created here. It's about the beautiful friendships that develop between our students, whether its our adult mosaic class in Jerusalem & K'far Etzion or our Kids Mixed Media Chug. This is not something anyone can obviously I am taking a moment now to reflect & appreciate these beautiful connections. With each new class that forms I pray that the new group will be as amazing as my previous ones. When you gather together people with a shared passion, magic happens, and bonds form...when you are very lucky :-)

Whether it's helping each other choose the right shades of tiles or sharing tips on technique, or sharing what's happening in each others lives, or even commenting on our amazing playlist of music (because who can create without gr8 music?) the camaraderie among our students is truly inspiring, and something I feel blessed with.

This week, something truly heartwarming..(and not uncommon :-)) happened at our beloved studio. One of our dedicated students brought more than just their creativity to the class . They brought a taste of friendship, love, and healthy living, all bundled up in a batch of delicious seed cookies.

In a world where we often struggle to find a balance between indulgence and health, these seed cookies were an unexpected delight. Packed with nutritious seeds and healthy ingredients, they showcased that something delicious can also be healthy. After all, what's better than sharing a plate of wholesome cookies with friends who appreciate both art and healthy living? The recipe was shared & I even remembered (miracles happen!) to make up a batch for Shabbat which totally inspired this post.

Wishing us all this fractured world a G'mar V'chatima Tova...We should each strive in our own way to be connected with each other...whether it's thru a plate of cookies, creating art, or offering a smile to a random stranger. We all have something to offer and every small act is important.

Thank you for reading and being a part of our collective journey. Here's to art, friendship, and a healthier, more connected world!

Shabbat Shalom,


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