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Finding Joy in Family, Food, & Tradition: Wishing You a Happy Succot!

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

As the weather begins Finding Joy in Family, Food, and Tradition: Wishing You a Happy Succot!

As the weather begins to change it's a sure sign that the joyous festival of Succot is upon us. This special holiday, holds a unique place in my heart as one of my favorite holidays . I have many fond memories of spending time with friends and family in my sukkah .. I remember once putting up a hammock a little too high and falling out of it on succot with Akiva and is laughing hysterically. I remember sleeping in the sukkah when a neighbor that lived above us had his sprinkler set and we woke up all wet . Once my art room was also my succah .. actually probably the best I ever had !.

For me, Succot has always been a time of immense joy, and that joy is magnified by the presence of my beautiful grandchildren & children. I There's something truly magical about watching the next generation experience the wonder of this holiday that makes me appreciate everything in life just a little bit more .From building and decorating the Sukkah and leaving the stability and comfort of our homes to live in this shack and rely on faith is very profound and meaningful to

Me .

But the joy of Succot doesn't end there. It extends into the kitchen, where I find great happiness in crafting delicious dishes, particularly spelt sourdough & spelt challah. This culinary journey began as a labor of love for my son-in-law, who happens to be a fan of spelt. Little did I know that this simple act of catering to his dietary preferences would evolve into a cherished tradition.

There's something deeply satisfying about taking common ingredients found in every kitchen and transforming them into something extraordinary. Spelt, with its nutty flavor and nutritional benefits, has become the star of my kitchen. The process of nurturing a sourdough starter, watching it bubble and grow, and then baking it into a crusty, flavorful loaf of bread is a source of immense pride and joy.

As we gather with family and friends in our Sukkah, enjoying the fruits of our labor and the blessings of togetherness, I am reminded of the beauty of this holiday. It's a time to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, the warmth of family, and the comfort of delicious food.

I extend my warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. May this holiday be filled with joy, laughter, and an abundance of happiness. May your Sukkah be a place of warmth and connection, and may the aroma of freshly baked spelt bread fill your home with love.

Chag samayach!

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