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Welcome to the world Baby Micha 😊

I am so in love with my newest grandson who is just 2 weeks old. I just love everything about him....the smell of his newborn breath, the softness of his brand new skin, I am in awe of his purity & innocence …and of course…those cheeks!

Ok..I’ll spare you and I won’t go on (but you know I want to :-)

Here we are at the start of a brand new year 2021 and I realized all this newness is an opportunity to learn from baby Micha. What struck me is that newborns just are who they are…they do what they do…they don’t apologize for keeping you up all night or vomiting all

over your freshly laundered shirt. They are 150 % themselves…they aren’t trying to be anything but themselves. They aren’t jealous of that other baby’s fancy stroller…they don’t care about their clothing or if they’re having a bad hair day. They make no apologies for being exactly who they are.

How do we lose ourselves …our “newborn ness”…to become so alienated from where we started…that we don’t remember & can’t even identify who we are?

We have cloaked ourselves with self-importance…we become our jobs, our titles, our possessions & obsessions. So many layers…so, so many…. where has that innocent baby gone?

And ..”what in the world does this have to do with ART Dana”…you might be asking yourself? I’m so happy you asked!


For me art isn’t really about creating beautiful “things” …but it’s more about the process…of finding what feels right, what looks right to ME. Not…” what will my husband think”, “will my friends like this?”…it’s really about my journey of rediscovering my baby Micha thru the present choices I make in my artwork and in how I choose to live my life.

I am trying to just BE ME.

I’m not sure…especially as women, mothers & grandmothers…why this has to be so hard or even a process…but I do accept that it is, at least for me. It’s something I try to impart to my students young and old alike. Maybe sometimes they think I’m trying to not teach them by asking…”what do YOU think”, do YOU like those color choices”…by not providing patterns to copy, but rather inspirations as a guide to uncovering their own truth. I hope my intentions become clear…eventually 😊…and if not, I take comfort that I have tried to the best of my ability.

It is my wish for this time of newness…this new year…that in some small way we can all take steps (baby steps?!) to get back to our simple, beautiful self that we have somehow covered up…maybe thru creating art , changing our thoughts or any way that is meaningful to YOU.

Thank you for reading & being part of my lifelong journey….I hope in this ever evolving blog to share not only my wayward rambling thoughts..but my art and it’s process…I hope you’ll join me, roll down the window & enjoy the ride .

Sending you some love & light in these crazy times,


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