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Flowerpots are a fun & functional project....great for all levels.

Terracota pots come in 12 cm (125 nis)  & 14 cm (150 nis) sizes...or why not order a large pot & make it a FAMILY Project!*

Since each kit is being made specifically FOR YOU...we need some time to put it together so please order early.


FYI...After you complete your will be asked for your payment preference, but will not be charged until I am in touch with you directly to understand your specific needs :-)

*please note larger pots use ceramic tiles (not glass) for mosaic material.


125.00 ₪Price
  • What about tools?

    You can choose a kit with :

    • Pre cut pieces where you won’t need to cut anything.
    • Purchase a round wheel nipper cutting tool (+75 NIS)
    • Rent a Set of specialized tools (which need to be returned within 48 hours): FREE in kits 750 nis + or add 50 nis
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