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Your MOSAIC MIRROR KIT comes in various sizes:


1. 40x40 cm board with a 20x20 cm mirror(good for a couple)

2. 30x30 cm board with a 10x10 cm mirror (good for an individual)

3. Custom size


For children or those not interested in cutting you can request this kit made from pre-cut tools required...or using our very random mix of MOSAIC SOUP. Another option is to cut glass peices which would require the use of glass cutting tools.


In your kit:

  • Your Mosaic Base
  • Your Mirror
  • All Mosaic Materials
  •  Mosaic Glue
  •  Grout
  •  Video Link for Instruction


Price of your mirror is determined by size




SKU: 366615376135191
280.00 ₪Price
  • We use only high quality materials that will withstand the test of time.

    Please note that materials vary according to if the project is for indoor or outdoor use.

    Mosaic materials in your kit will be made from glass.

    Why glass? It comes in a wide variety of shades & colors & shapes is easy to cut & control & last but not least….

    and....Everything made with glass is beautiful !

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